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HEC HAT tests for Scholarships. As you know HEC conducts the HAT tests for the national and international scholarships for Pakistani students to study abroad. HEC conducts these tests for the HEC foreign Scholarships. Selection for fully funded scholarships through HEC study abroad is based on the HEC HAT Test and academic evaluation factor (AEF). Higher education commission of Pakistan announces fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students to pursue their higher studies all around the world.

What type of HAT tests are conducted by the HEC? HEC HAT tests pattern? How to prepare for the HEC HAT? Any past papers for the HEC HAT tests? HAT tests for HEC Scholarships? All these above questions are very important to figure out and hunt these fully-funded scholarships through HEC foreign Scholarships. There are different types of HEC HAT tests according to the subjects wise and disciplines. Same as for the undergraduate degrees HEC designed different HAT tests with a different portion of subjects. HEC designed the HEC HAT I, HAT II, HAT III, HAT IV for Master Scholarships and PhD Scholarships and HAT UG, E, M, A, CS, GS, I. Com for undergraduate on the basis of their disciplines or major subjects.

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As you know HEC foreign scholarships including HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarships, HEC CSC Scholarships, HEC Scholarships in Mexico, HEC Scholarships in Saudi Arabia, HEC Azerbaijan Scholarships, HEC Darussalam Scholarships, HEC Scholarships in Cuba, HEC Scholarships for Pakistani Students to study undergraduate, master and PhD in all around the world. In this post you will be able to study the HEC HAT test pattern, HEC HAT test preparations, HEC HAT tests Materials and sample papers.

Brief Description

  • Organization: Higher Education Commission of Pakistan
  • Test: HEC HAT Tests
  • Course Level: Bachelor/Master/PhD
  • Test for: HEC Foreign Scholarship
  • Purpose:  Pattern and Materials
  • Request: Preparation for the tests

Importance of HEC HAT Tests

For the selection in Fully funded scholarships through HEC scholarships, HEC HAT tests has the 50% of the merit formula. Although there is quota system as well but main contribution in the HEC Scholarships selection HAT tests play an important role. The overall merit calculation is as follow

  • 50% of HAT tests
  • 50% of AEF (Academic Evaluation formula) it is the calculation of Point based on your percentages in your degrees. When you apply for the scholarships through HEC online portal at the end of your application section you can see your AEF score on the top of that page generated by portal.

Note: You dont need to apply for Test separately, when you apply for scholarships that application is considered for tests as well.

HAT Test for Undergraduate Degrees

There are different HEC HAT tests for undergraduate scholarships to study abroad based on the disciplines. The list of HECT HAT tests for undergraduate is given below;

HAT UG Tests

  • E
  • M
  • A
  • CS
  • GS
  • ICOM

HAT UG Tests Pattern

The paper pattern and paper distribution for the HAT UG tests is given below;

HEC HAT UG Pattern

Recommended Books or Materials

Students are encouraged to prepare for the HEC HAT UG tests for their scholarships to study abroad through HEC Foreign scholarships by following recommended methods;

  • Intermediate books
  • HEC HAT UG books (you can buy from the any book shop), this book will help you to make a sketch for the previous tests and sample papers.

HEC HAT tests for Master/PhD

There are 4 different HEC HAT tests categories for Master and PhD Degrees as and their paper distribution is given below;

HEC HAT Tests Pattern for Master/PhD

Helping Materials & Recommendations

Students are encouraged to but the General GAT or HEC HAT books from any book stores and practice your test preparation according to the above pattern. Here below are the links of the books in pdf from and some sample papers;

Click Here to Download

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