The Art of Getting What you want

By Arouba Iftikhar

Getting what you want seems to be very difficult but some different things that you want to get are not difficult. we think that it depends on luck and many special skills but it is not like that it all depends on our thinking. If we think positively, we can/will do superior in our life and get those things which we want.

The question is how we can get which we want?

We can say that this is dependent on our habits and behaviors. There is a high level of awareness that we don’t know. If we reached this level, we can be fulfilled our wishes.

In all this you will not lose anything instead of losing you will gain everything. You just need to follow these simple steps to get what you want:

Start Observing your thoughts

First, observe yourself and see in your inner part it is extensive and necessary to give time to yourself. You can write your goal in a piece of paper, make a list, see every day and try to do one by one it will be helpful to you.  As I write above it can depend on our thinking process. You (and your life) will become what you think about. So, if you think about giving, about boundless abundance and joy, the Universe will hear you and provide those things. Start observing and giving time to yourself what’s are your needs.

Identify what you want

Ask from yourself what you want in life. It’s not just about objects but about your goals and feelings. Trouble is that we don’t know what we want because we never take time to write down our goals. Success in anything begins by identifying what you want, so write everything you want. Everyone is having goals we just must stay focused on what we want in life. The more clarity you have about what you want in life, the more it’s easy to achieve.

Develop A Plan

When you know what your goals then start your planning you would achieve your goals. which steps you will follow and including a regular review of your progress. It will allow you to identify anywhere how many steps you will be taking to achieve what you want. You can then make the necessary changes to get back on track.

Take Action

Everyone has ambitious goals in our life.  It is very relaxing when we sit down and dream about what we want in life. Action is necessary so sit down and revise your dreams. if you don’t try to achieve your goal or dreams that you see then you ever do nothing and it’ll be nothing more than a dream. Every person has dreams but it’s depended on your action if you want your dreams come true then act. Always take steps to move forward and achieve your goals. It always depends on your actions at present that what you are going to achieve.

Stay Focused

When we try to do our goals then some difficulties or hurdles are also present. We have a lot of things i.e. our habits and thoughts that can prevent us from getting what we want. But don’t be worry this is part of our life. Stick and stay focused on your work but we need to stay true to our goals to hold onto our dreams and believe on yourself that one day you will make it a reality. In this way you won’t lose it and will get what you want.

Notice your achievements

There is nothing more powerful than the results you wait for so long. You need to see that there’s progress of the tiny steps that you were making to achieve what you want. After that all we need is to focus on our gains and let go everything else. If you are seeing results, you must believe whatever you’re doing, you’re doing something right. Achieving what you wanted is about rebuilding yourself, a new you and a better you.  when you get your outcome, this will more excited and give energy to you to do different difficult things. On the other hand, if you don’t get your output no problem you would something learn.

Muhammad Usman

Research & MEXT Scholar  at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan) with Graduate Major in Global Engineering for Development, Environment and Society


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